So I made a map for when platforming comes out and I want to see if you guys like it (this is still a work in progress and changes will be made this is just a sneak peak) (btw Don't flag this gimkit pls)

  • yes
  • no
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I’m pretty sure that:

  • That would be great, seems like the idea would work well with any map idea

  • That you can’t use tags on a help topic

community-poll not for this post

off-topic so you might want to mark a solution to close this post cause it might get flagged cause sneak peaks of maps and stuff like that aint for this forum

You have the season ticket?

no I’m waiting for it

ah ok

pls show us again when platforming comes out!


kay i will show you guys again

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Josh has confirmed that you can’t switch top-down maps to platformer later on, so this might be useless making :frowning: