So I have 4 map ideas I could do and I need the community's help on this one (also I'm new so I don't know a lot)

  • deathrun map
  • Parkour map
  • battle royal map
  • horror map
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Honestly, at this point by now… all the maps except parkour have been made. But then platforming will come out later so its gonna get made A LOT soon… but still I suggest Parkour

how would you do a parkour map? r u waiting for the platformer update

Yeah Im waiting on the update and I need help on it

THANKS Though I still wanna make the other 3 map ideas but I don’t have the time to do it and I want to see if anybody else wants me to do other maps.

If you need help, you could post your game c0de on the

it’s blocked on my school computer

Oof though… there are some alt wixs…

it is on most
codes can’t go here so we use the WIX and padlets

can you guys show me some

can you show me some

most have codes because they don’t want many on them
the forum can still help we just can’t j0in your game

why can’t you j0in?l

I’m also new by the way and I know nothing about creative.I know the basic things but other than that I’m clueless.

these can help you get started

Thanks! I’m gonna check them out but I’m probably gonna have to get off soon cuz I’m going to a family party

np the forum exists for a reason

Update I clicked on the link again and somehow it’s not blocked

Anyway, I’m gonna have to go rn. See you guys tomorrow then?

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