SO i am using a gate console and i need help

SO i am using a gate console and there is a vlalut t in my thing and to get the vault unlocked u have to put a key in how do u do that

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Lemme get you a guide.

that is not what i am doing when u get the right key card for it you put it in then it will unlocked the laser that is blocking the vault

oh ok. I did it before lemme get a pic

got it lemme put the pics

ok i might not be talking bc i am do in somthing in math


can u post pictures so i no how to do it please

You use a vending machine, and have it give you nothing, but require a certain key card, then wire it to the laser so when purchased, laser deactivates.

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or that

could u show me like take screen shot of doing it and then post it on here so i no what to do

but how would they get the key card

Item granter, put the item u want in there, button, wire to button.

ok could i use an item granter but the have to have a sertian amount of cash to get it

Vending machine

yes but how do they get the key card for it

Do you have to put the Item granted?
Lemme see for a pic