So I am making a game (obv) and I need help with something wrong with the beds

So I am making. bedwars map and I have a barrier around each bed but only activated for that team os they cannot destroy their own bed but for some reason the others teams can only damage the bed from certain side.

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wait, why do they need a barrier? i don’t think they want to attack their bed in the first place.

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Ask @Blizzy she made a really good bedwars map

That’s just because as to not cheese the game, when the player on a team has combat with another player near the bed, it can get destroyed.

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sorry about that. I’ll fix it


All of that was off topic, but the reason it is like that is because the way gimkit makes props, they have a collision sensor. What i mean is if you can walk into it from one side, you cant shoot it there.

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it would be to protect that team from breaking their own bed during combat.



Is the Barrier on the above layer/is above the bed?
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