So I am making a Bedwars (Yes I have read the guides) but I still need help

So the team can damage their own bed. Is there a way to make it so each team isn’t able to damage their own bed?

You could deactivate it for that team.

And use lifecycles connected relays connected to barriers.
Make sure the scope is team.

It’s letting me reply now sorry

So what do you? I have all of the other stuff figured out but teams are able to break their own bed. So basically your saying have a fake bed only visible to that team and whenever that bed is broken the fake one is broken too but the real bed is invisible to the team it belongs to so the pseudo bed acts like the real bed but cannot be broken by anyone but is only activated for the team it belongs to so it simulates the team not being able to break their own bed?

you dont need to overcomplicate it lol just use a lifecycle, relay and an invisible barrier around the bed

Sorry that’s just what I got from it :sweat_smile:

But more importantly, is that what you were getting at?

it’s not a pseudo bed, just a barrier activated for the team that owns the bed so they can’t damage it

Hmm ok that seems simpler than what I got from it, thank you for simplifying what I got.

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