So Apparently Wires Don't Work With Multiple Players Now

So, I Have A Hide And Seek Map, And I Was Testing And All The Systems Using Wires Don’t Work Anymore. Channels Work, But It Would Be A MAJOR Pain To Make Everything A Channel. Does Anyone Have Any Solutions?
(Also, I Can’t Email Or Contact Gimkit. I Have A School Email.)

What do you mean, are they also using channels? and can I see your wires?


It would be hard to fit it in 1 screenshot, and I really don’t feel like explaining it, so here is an example:

The Left One Works, While The Right One Doesn’t.
Left Button + Bookshelf Settings:

Right Button + Wire + Bookshelf Settings:

(Also, A Pic Of Some Of The Mechanics)

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Um, I don’t know what you mean…
but hope you figure this out

That sucks. Email

:skull: They said they are using school email in the topic lol

I use my school email to talk to gimkit, and i can.

That. Is not how it works. You can email Gimkit but it doesn’t actually go through to them. (With school email)

Just depends on how your school sets it up

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Ok, I Just Emailed Them, But I Doubt It Went Through. If It Did Go Through, I Probably Won’t Recieve It. It Was Worth A Try At Least.

Are you using a mobile device like an iPad?

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No, A Chromebook

I’ve email Gimkit and they responded, first from Josh about sentries having names that affected one way out.

Who else is making one way out games?
First owo fanmade game in my opinion was owo 2: revenge
OWO stands for One way out

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Me But Make Sure You Do On Topic Stuff

We’ve learned from Mode Madness that One Way Out should be abbreviated to 1WO. I think you would understand why OWO isn’t a good one.

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