Snowy-Survival type map

I’ve noticed that a LOT of people have trouble with making a Snowy-Survival map. So I decided to make a guide on this.

How To Make Cursed Players At The Beginning Of The Game
First of all, there have to be cursed players, since it wouldn’t be ‘Snowy Survival’.
To do that, first, go to settings → map options → teams and change the settings to be the same as these ones.

Next, you’ll need to get these devices:
-A lifecycle
-A relay
-A team switcher
-An Item Granter
Place a lifecycle (game start) and wire it to a relay (random player).
Next, place a team switcher (specific team) (team 2) and wire it to the relay.
After that, place an item granter and make it so it will grant a gadget. I don’t suggest using a Quantum Portal, since it one-shots players (when health is set to default, you can always give players more health if you want longer games). Here are some weapons that are suggested:
-A Wooden Wand
-A P.M.L. (Portable Muffin Launcher)
-A Snowball Launcher
-A Zapper
-A Slingshot
Remember to wire it to the relay!
Repeat this to add more cursed players!
Screenshot 2023-11-17 1.08.17 PM

How To Make Knocked Out Players Cursed
For this, you’ll need:
-A knockout manager
-A team switcher
This is quite simple, all you need to do is wire the knockout manager (player) to the team switcher (team 2).

In case it isn’t obvious, this map looks a little boring, so you should decorate it! You can place down some props and terrain to make it look better! In Snowy Survival, the map is a little small, but you can make it bigger, just don’t make it too big…


Nice wip, hope you get to finish it!
(Just skimmed through the whole thing)
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Nice guide!

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I’ll try to finish it over the weekend, but I’ll probably be making other guides.

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Nice guide so far!

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Nice Guide!! Easy to follow and very simple!!