Snowy survival bug

When I was playing snowy survival with my friend, I wasn’t cursed but when I answered questions it said I was collecting snowballs instead of energy. I still got the energy but I had no snowballs. Do you know the problem?

Probably just a glitch, reload and try again. If you are reporting it, message gimkit directly. This forum is for Gimkit Creative stuff only

You can email about this
Because this is a gimkit creative forum

Thank you! I’ll do that!

This isn’t a bug, and it’s part of the game. In the future, only post about gimkit creative here.


Okay, but, what do you mean it’s part of the game?

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Try planting crops. Go to the discord to talk about it, as this forum doesn’t allow this topic. The wiki is also a good place to talk about it.

Okay, I’ll mark a solution.

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