Snowy Skin for Sentry

There has been new Sentry Skins I have gone over but no Snowy Skin.
I have been building a Snowy Map but haven’t been able to complete it because of the Sentry Skin
Please bring this is Gimkit Creative someday.

Welcome to the forum :]

The devs don’t check suggestions here, so post them here instead.


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Thanks Guys
The link you sent me, I actually did a post about this on that website.
I thought they no longer use that site anymore.
Once Again, Thanks!

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No problem :)

While you wait for that to become a future, you could try to work around it by replacing the snowy skins with regular sentry skins. You could say that those sentries are the civilians of the location. I don’t no anything about your map so I don’t really know how to explain it lol

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I used the regular skins to make it work.
What do you think about the idea?

The regular skin is white so it would work pretty well for a snowy landscape.

I’ll send you the link to it so you know what it looks like.

Note that you cannot send game links here since they could cause clutter. Perhaps you could send it over some personal chat messager?

Agreed to that statement!

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Do you have an Email perhaps?

Sorry, I have to go for a while. I’ll be right back in a few minutes.

Alright, Its no problem.