Snowbrawl training map

So recently my friends have been destroying me at Snowbrawl and I was wondering if I could somehow make a training map for myself. All ideas accepted. I am looking for something with random moving sentries and props.

Moving sentries will take a lot of memory. Do you know how to make them?

No. How much memory? I am going to start a new map.

On the wixsite, @Reehee has a map called BSB(better snow brawl) so private message him there and he might give u a link or something.

The wixsite is blocked on my computer. I am looking to make my own map.

Here is how to make a moving sentry


Not a lot. It will just take LOTS of time and effort. Maybe we could make machine learning in GKC?


Backpropagation and Gradient Descent…



Keep on playing against them, you’ll eventually win, it’s how I got better at a lot of stuff, playing with people who are better than me.

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You should probably try practicing dodging the bullets and strafing (it’s shooting at your enemy while also moving to avoid damage)
And you could try to make moving props with repeaters so you can practice your aim (try making them go up and down and try to adjust your mouse and hit it)


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