Snowball Launcher Starting ammo

How can you make the starting ammo of a snowball launcher to 0?

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you cant sadly (yet)

If you just want to disable shooting within that certain area, just add a zone around that area, and disable shooting. If would wanted something else, I don’t think you can change alter the amount of ammo a gun has. But you can change the gun I suppose

how you would do this is make a lifecycle, and relay. make that lifecycle on game start
make a item manager, set it to manage snowballs, and wire the lifecycle to the relay (make sure the relay is for every player) and then wire the relay to the item manager and then make it clear that item in a players inventory

Sorry, doesn’t work. Thanks for trying though. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

use and starting inventory device :slight_smile: hope this works

Use the starting inventory device, the relay trigger, and lifecycle. Wire the lifecycle to relay (make sure it is set to all players) then, set the starting inventory to however many snowballs you want. After that, wire the relay to starting inventory. Hope this helps!


I’m glad the Devs are taking part in helping the community! :smile: Three cheers for the devs!!!

I’m pretty sure that doesn’t work if the snowball launcher is pre-loaded

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