SNAS Request Thumbnail

Six Night’s at Staches
Like the FNAF setting but with stache


I could try.
So just like the regular FNAF but with gims and in the fishtopia setting?

But I do Photoshop, maybe someone like @VoidFluffy could do it for you?

I’ve been called!
Thumbnail is on its way…

Edit: NVM sry cant do this one

Erm… Actually… You have been what we call PINGED, not called,
thank you for your cooperation.

I’m aware.
There is no difference in meaning and my post is still fairly understandable.

I don’t appreciate you unnecessarily correcting me over a small word choice change that doesn’t alter the meaning at all.

Frankly, this cinched the disrespectfulness of your post.

In the future, I would prefer for you to keep your fingers off the keys if there was no constructive purpose to your post other than to berate me for something rather minor.

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what why?
:frowning: ok

I might be able to if I have time…

I can do it, FNAF one i’ve made b4:

What’s the gims you want?

I basically used my last one as a template

Erm, actually, what the sigma.

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