Snakes and Ladders! (4 players) 🟨 or 5/10

This is the hardest thing I’ve ever made! and that is a huge statement considering I just made a roller coaster a week ago, but after reading @ClicClac’s guide on __Land I saw the beginning

I just realized NO ONE made Snakes and ladders in gimkit before! but now someone has! (it is me)

DISCLAIMER: This build takes up 11% of your map’s memory, so yeah…

so bear with me as my underwhelming explanation skills take you step by step through “how to make snakes and ladders in gimkit”

Part 1: The board!

I used the terrain “plastic (green)” and “plastic (blue)”
(if you are more artsy you can make cooler ones)

now put in the numbers!
My board is a 10X10 board

And lastly, add the snakes and ladders!

mini guide: how to make a snake

get a leaf and tint it green! (0,135,0)
then get two basketballs and tint them red (255,0,0)
Screen Shot 2024-03-18 at 6.30.33 PM
Now get blackboard legs and tint them green (0,135,0)
Now get more blackboard legs and tint them another color (I used red)

and now VOILA!

Ladders and really easy just do this
Screen Shot 2024-03-18 at 8.26.34 PM

now add the ladders and snakes to the board and you’re done! I suggest 8 snakes and 8 ladders, add a camera view and a few barriers to block the players from going ONTO the board

Part 2: Teams (player number)

This section is essential so please pay attention:
instead of using teams, we will use a property called “S&L PN”
so instead of using team switchers and respawning, we will have a property that is used as in teams.

First, let’s put a button down
This button attempts to start the game

Now let’s get a relay: All players
And a Popup:

Now connect the button to the relay to the popup:
button pressed–trigger relay, relay triggered – show popup

get a wire repeater and connect the popup to the wire repeater

now the wire repeater to the popup

Get a Teleporter and put it near the board
popup, teleporter: primary call to action clicked – teleport player here

Block code siren! :rotating_light: :rotating_light:

oops false alarm, we need to make 2 properties first
the first one!

And the second

Now that we have our properties let’s get to the block code!
Place a trigger and immediately go to blocks (no other settings)

now get a counter

And set the target value to 4 (remember 4 players Snakes and Ladders)
Get a wire repeater and do the same thing with the popup, but this time do:
target value hit – send pulse
receives pulse – reset counter

You have finished the Player number part! congrats

Part 3: Placement, Dice and Turns

This is the hardest part but not the most tiring part

This part is on how the placement of the player increases!

First, get 4 checkers

now place a popup!

Use a wire repeater to close the popup when pressed… (you know how to do it)

Connect the 4 checks to the popup
check passes – open popup

now make 2 properties!
first one

The Second one

Lots of block code! :rotating_light:
Wires: popup, trigger: primary call to action clicked – trigger

Blocks :rotating_light::rotating_light::rotating_light: (a lot of blocks)

Now get 2 more triggers
one checks for snakes and the other for ladders
If a player’s placement is on a snake or ladder then it will put the placement to the end of the snake/ladder

trigger 1:

Trigger 2:

now get a counter

remember this channel “S&L next”

now the next trigger, (yes another one I am sorry)

and then the blocks

now get 4 relays

Now remember the 4 checkers? Connect the relays to the checker
relay triggered – run check

And finally, get the first counter (from part 1) and put in the target channel “S&L next”

And now you have finished Part 3!

Part 4: The End

This may be the easiest part of the entire game
get a relay

and a checker

connect them:
relay triggered – run check

now! :rotating_light: (you guessed it trigger)

Connect the checker to the trigger
check passed – trigger

now get another relay

and a popup

now another popup

Part 5: player pieces

This is the most tiring part of this guide

get 4 props you think would be good tokens
these are the ones I chose
Screen Shot 2024-03-19 at 12.27.20 PM

the pieces show and are hidden when receiving on channels from previous code

so for player 1’s token on 1 the settings would be

and if player 3 managed to get to 78, then the channels would be

so now you just have to place 4 tokens on each piece (1,2,3…99,100)

so each piece should look something like this
Screen Shot 2024-03-19 at 3.57.52 PM

And now your done!
This is how to make Snakes and ladders in Gimkit Creative!

– Chrysostom

  • :green_square: 4/10
  • :yellow_square: 5/10
  • :yellow_square: 6/10
  • :orange_square: 7/10
  • :orange_square: 8/10
  • :red_square: 9/10
  • :red_square: 10/10
  • :purple_square: 11/10
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