Slushie machine pls

Guys can you make a slushie machine build hack? I’m making a convience store and i dont have a slushie machine, please help thank you :3

@discobot fortune

idk maybe use shield can for drinks

:crystal_ball: As I see it, yes

discobot has spoken.
sure I might give you one later

Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

be quiet discobot
Dannystarf when you say slushie machine do you mean by

or something else

@chunky pls don’t summon discobot. Instead, use the welcome message. To solve the slushie machine, use colored barriers to make the machine and make invisible buttons so you can get slushies. If you don’t want it functional exclude the button.

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They’re asking for a slushie machine build hack btw

Dannystarf does this look good?

So metal briefcase for the body, a bicycle rack and black barrier on the lower half of it, and a questioner, candles, and blue chemical/green chemical for the slushie stuff.

Used tinted coral for the glasses

mark solution if this helped


yes, thats like the one i thought about :333

Oh wow :open_mouth: Thats look so good!

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Thank you :333333333

Here is the one I made…


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