Six (6) Tips & Tricks on making your Maps & Games More Popular

Like Jobozo said, you can make a thumbnail for yourself if it’s like Gimkit related with your title, Gims, original or (idk) background. Loads of stuff you can add to an thumbnail.

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I know right. I literally saw a game just like what you described. But, again, it’s little children on this platform so they don’t care about copyrights and such.

People still break the rules.

it’s because people will play anything, and trending is based off plays, so bad maps will get on there

ok good like this?



Yep! Looks great and definitly useable.

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Yeah that looks amazing!

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:( sadly for the first two tricks even though people put effort and time into their maps and make a good thumbnail
The maps that have thumbnails from other games, maps that are low-level qualities but have names like; Go-Goated, Gimkit Royal, and Gimnite get most of the plays.
But otherwise nice guide.

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thx its good to know i have actual skill as an artist

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May I give some constructive criticism for the thumbnails?


yes of course!!!

Alright I hope this post doesn’t come out as offensive or anything.

1.For the bottom thumbnail, you used a background that you found on the internet, next time try to make a background on your own.

2.For the bottom thumbnail the some of the weapons are too big and have those weird circle things on their back or bottom.

3.This one is a suggestion but next time for props like the bed on your first thumbnail, use Gimkit-related props.

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Oh, you can’t use backgrounds you found on the internet?

No you can but backgrounds that people made on their own looks and will match the theme better.

Oh alright

thx i will take that into consideration
sorry to @LazyDragon

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Kat’s Kartoony Thumbnail Backround for sure. kit kat

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The number of plays on your map determines the map’s popularity. The higher the play count, the more popular the map is.

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this is my thumbnail, I really like it! what do you think?