Seven (7) Tips & Tricks on making your Maps & Games More Popular

So, you probably just recently published your map or your map is a couple of months old since it was published. Whenever it was, your map may NOT reach a certain number of plays (say like 10,000 Plays or even 1,000,000 Plays) for your map to appear on the Trending list in Discovery. Here are some tricks and tricks on how to make your map attract more attention.

:warning: WARNING:
Using one or more of these tips and tricks to build your maps and publishing them does NOT guarantee your map will gain popularity and reach the trending list on Discovery. Please be cautious when using these tips and tricks. Thank you.

:pen: Tips & Tricks:

Here are seven (7) tips and tricks that you can use to try and probably help your map gain popularity.

Tip & Trick #1: Give your Map a good Title, Thumbnail, & Description:

It’s like writing/drawing a book and almost like publishing your own book. And you can do the same when you’re getting ready to publish your map.

  • Give your map a unique title. Usually, most people would attract and play new unique maps and games that have a title they never heard of before. Try having your title like this using this format: Unique Title you could think of + Theme of the Game.
  • If you can’t think of a name for your map or game, try naming your map based on what your game is about without a unique title for your title.
  • Add a good thumbnail. This is usually one of the first things that people see before clicking on the map. Here are some things that are and are NOT allowed on Gimkit Creative for your Thumbnail (These are Gimkit’s Rules, Not Mine):

:heavy_check_mark: DO have your thumbnail have a screenshot of your map.
:heavy_check_mark: DO have your thumbnail have a custom logo or design that you made for your map.
:x: DON’T have your thumbnail have images from other games, movies, or company franchises such as official thumbnails from Among Us, Fortnite, & Poppy Playtime.
:x: DON’T have your thumbnail have memes of any kind.
:x: DON’T have your thumbnail have pictures of people, animals, or other real-life objects such as photos of yourself.

  • Even though some people break the thumbnail rules for their maps like adding photos of real-life objects, they still often appear on the Trending, Community Picks, and New Releases lists on the Discovery page.
  • Add a good description about your game or map. You can include the game’s plot and/or spoilers in it, what your game is about, etc. For some reason, the search feature in Discovery only shows results with words from the description and not the title. It would be best to put the game’s title in the description so that the search could actually find what you’re looking for.

Tip & Trick #2: Put Plenty of Quality Effort & Time into your Maps:

About everything that you show to the public takes time and effort and are usually the most attractive than those that took less time to make and take little or no effort.

  • If you’re planning to or currently building a large map or game, allow yourself plenty of time and put lots of effort into whatever you’re making. Oh, and take plenty of breaks in between too.

Small Game or Map = 1 to 3 Weeks, Medium Effort, & a Few Breaks
Medium-Sized Game or Map = 4 Weeks to 3 Months, Medium-Large Effort, & a Handful of Breaks
Large Game or Map = 4+ Months, Large Effort, & Plenty of Breaks
The larger the game or map and/or the more time/effort you put into your maps, the more plays you would get for that map.

  • Add plenty of props and devices and design your game or map the way you like or want it to be. There are plenty of guides on the forum so I recommend you to give it a go for inspiration.
  • Your map is more likely to have bugs/glitches and have a small number of plays if you put less effort and time into your maps. This is why developers don’t tend to rush their process into building games and more.

Tip & Trick #3: Get Help from Other People & Collaboration

There’s no better way to build your maps and games than to get help and collaborate building your maps and games with other people.

  • The Gimkit Creative Forums is one example, so I’m not going to bring that up.
  • Ask other people online or you know, who have a Gimkit Account to help you build your maps and games. They may be able to help you if you ask. These people that you can invite to collaborate with can be your classmates, students in your school, your teachers, or your friends & family. Please DON’T share or give out any of your personal information such as your email address and phone number. Did you know that games that are made by a group of people are more successful and tend to have their maps and games gain popularity faster and more often than those who work individually.
  • Assign different roles and permissions in the process of building your map and games and always give them credit somewhere on your map or on the map page.

Tip & Trick #4: Share Your Game with People You Know

Sharing your published map with people you know who also have Gimkit Accounts can be a jump start of increasing your play count. Or you can host a live game and have your friends & family play your game whether or not they have an Gimkit Account.

  • Invite any of your friends & family to play your live game and play together on any device (Computers Recommended for Best Experience as your maps are 2D - Top-Down or Platformer).
  • If your map or game involves answering questions, ask your teacher to project your map on their screen to allow students in their class to play your map or game (with the ability to answer questions) in your school.

Tip & Trick #5: Get Feedback from People who Play your Map

Getting feedback from people can encourage you to make updates and/or build new games. Take these feedback to apply yourself and for inspiration so that you can do better and make players come back for more.

  • If there are people you know that you see in-person such as your friends & family and classmates, start a conversation and collect feedback from them and write them down as they speak.
  • Start an Online Conversation with Commenting with people you know online and collect feedback from them and use these comments to apply to yourself.

Positive Feedback can encourage you to make future updates, maps and games, and more.
Negative Feedback can encourage you to not give up and improve better in your maps and games and help you learn what you can do to do better next time.

Tip & Trick #6: Make & Release Updates Regularly

Another way of increasing your play count by a lot is making and releasing updates regularly so that people could come back for more exciting content. This prevents players from playing the same game with the same content without any new updates all over again and getting bored that they don’t play this game ever again.

  • Maybe you could release a new level in your game or maybe you could tweak some things and adjust the way your map or game works. You can do whatever you want for your updates.
  • You can let people know about your next update somewhere on your map or on the map’s page in the thumbnail or description.
  • You can post updates whenever you reach a certain milestone for the play count or you can release updates daily, every few days, weekly, monthly, or annually.
  • Sometimes, you may find bugs and/or glitches in your map or game. Take some time to debug them and update your map or game. You can ask other people for help to debug them with you.
  • You can add a changelog, which is a list of updates made, to allow people to see what updates have been made to your map or game.

Tip & Trick #7: Make & Publish Multiple Games

Think of yourself and/or your team as a video game franchise, just without making money. Creating and Publishing multiple games can increase your play count across all your games and letting them know that the game was made by you can help you gain popularity.

  • Make different maps and games that you want to make and allow yourself plenty of time as you make them.
  • You can make 2 or more maps and games to help grow your map(s) play count. People like to play new and exciting games and offer suggestions.
  • Want to make more than 3 maps? You can purchase the Season Ticket to increase to 25 map slots or if you’re a teacher, you can upgrade to Gimkit Pro to increase to 10 map slots. Usually, the more maps you make, the more popular you get, but it does not always work that way.
  • If you do not want to make more than 3 maps and you have reached the 3-Slot Limit, you can delete the maps you made that are the least popular or you no longer want to free up some slots.

:exclamation:Warning – Be Aware!!!:
By deleting some of your map slots, any map you made and was published will be unpublished and deleted as well. It’s best to take one last look at your map before deciding to delete it forever. Thank you.

More Tips & Tricks to be Added Here Soon?

I will probably add more tips & tricks as Gimkit Creative improves in the future and will probably make this a wiki when I reach Trust Level 3 (Regular) so that I have infinite editing time for this topic.

I hope these Tips & Tricks help you with Gaining Popularity on your Maps. Thanks for reading and Happy Gimkitting and Get Creative,

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why bro why isn’t this allowed

Using memes is against the rules, you’ll get no views if your game gets reported for having a meme thumbnail.

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yes, I can understand that, but why aren’t they allowed

It’s low effort and takes away from the people who actually took time to make a good thumbnail.

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why can’t we make a meme thumbnail related to gimkit

I feel like “Memes of any kind” is pretty definitive.

Ask hello@gimkit for your “meme” related questions.

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I got this from Gimkit:
Screenshot 2024-05-14 4.15.12 PM

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hear me out
I don’t understand why memes couldn’t be allowed in gimkit
like this picture, would it be allowed?

its just an eyebrow raise, if I posted a game with this, would it get removed?

I’m not gonna put that much effort into the picture just for this

I might email

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Probably not, since it’s not really a meme. Great Guide, btw!

This is an amazing guide! Great job!

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Thanks for your feedback.

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Hey, it’s Jobozo!

Thanks so much for your feedback.


For some reason maps that have these get on Trending. WHAT!?


how about if i made a thumbnail myself that doesn’t include a pic of my map

It’s mostly little children on Gimkit, so they don’t really care.


It’s fine if you don’t include a screenshot but you need the thumbnail to have something to do with gimkit in some sort of way!

I know that, problem is that those people need to understand the guidelines of thumbnails ; People who are not creative just go onto google and grab a random image to get as a thumbnail, then they put a Name for the map and a description that says “sjdhffhbahdjudsndue” while others actually make a catchy thumbnail, catchy title and description and they barely go anywhere.

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