Single Player CtF

So I was looking at the new skins in CtF when I saw Start Game button on.

That’s a new feature.

Mark this as a solution.


They made a new feature to all maps (check Updates ) which now you can put Solo mode on.

Even for the default gamemodes?


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They made it because it’s pretty much annoying to add a alt into your game just to start one.
@anon33151732 You can also add Solo mode in your own gamemodes!

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Seems like it, or it’s a glitch. Didn’t happen for me in fishtopia.

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Happened for me in fishtopia

New feature, that should explain everything

Don’t bypass character limit

are you @sohelpme from discord???


I think they meant that the character limit is there on purpose to prevent spam, so it’s not good to bypass it.

It wasn’t spam

Thanks. Resolving it.

They added it to prevent spam


It wasn’t spam, I was answering a question

I just didn’t see @LxmasHaxTakis 's post

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