Simple Table Design

You will need:
1x Circular Shield
1x Empty Armor Display

Step 1:
Enlarge the items so the shield is about 3/8 the Armor Display. ( To make this fancy, make a decoration and set the size to a little smaller than the shield.)

Step 2:
Place the shield on the table to make it look good.

Step 3 (Optional):
I bet that pro gims would share hate about how short this is, so one more fancy step: Put the apples on the table…
and you are done!

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all art guides are 0/10 or :white_large_square:
nice guide!

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also you could use the new crafting table function for a table

Please don’t make guides that are as simple as this. Also:


There is no way we need a guide on something that there is a prop for.

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well this is a first of his sort of table but You are right that this is short

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