Similar professional game engine help

I really like the gkc engine and I want to know, what is the most similar engine to gimkit’s that are easy to understand that proper games can be made on like unity.

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Maybe Scratch? I’m not sure

There isn’t a super good equivalent to gimkit’s game engine as far as I know, so I would just suggest trying out scratch if you want to learn more coding.

A few that are similiar.

  • Scratch
  • Gamemaker
  • Construct
  • Clickteam Fusion

Clickteam fusion is expensive though…

In terms of setup, Godot engine is similiar, but it’s not quite block based.

I’d honestly recommend scratch or gamemaker, and once you get used to block code, start learning Python and pygame (if you want to make games). From there you can learn Unity without too much trouble.

For web games you can go into JS instead or at the same time as Python.

You should note that block-based coding isn’t the best place to start, as it’s only good to really grasp the fundamental concepts of coding (or make things fast). You have to experiment with actual code and take the effort to learn more advanced languages if you really want to progress.

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Thank you! Btw I also use scratch

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