Showing Who Lost Reverse Hide And Seek

So, I am making reverse hide and seek (sardines. look it up), and the game ends when everybody except 1 player finds the hider. I want a notification/end game widget at the end of the game to show who didn’t find the hider. Is there any way to do this?
(Btw, when the players find the hider, they get set to 0x speed, and that is it. I use a tag zone for the finding part of it.)

block code and a live player counter

btw: I suggest using a team switcher instead of 0x speed it’ll make the code easier

its kind of too late for that ._.
oh well, so how do you use the block code to do it I already have a live player counter

Also, I want them to be with the hider when they find the hider, kind of like, well, sardines

you want to track the hider?

There is 1 hider, the rest are seekers. When a seeker finds the hider, they hide with the hider. The last person to find the hider loses. I want to track who was the last person to find the hider.

ok I figured it out.
I just had to make a True/False property of “FoundHider” And Check It. It Works Now!

Make it numerical so you can check with a checker to save memory. 0 for false and 1 for true

ok I will do that.
Why can’t you check True/False or text properties with a checker? Gimkit Should Fix That.

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Wow, you’re making sardines?! That is such a good idea! Can I have rights to this idea? I’ve been making a game with six or seven types of tag, and a Hide-and-Seek Gamemodes map would be a good next map to make!

You can make it, but could you credit me for the idea? (I don’t care where, how, how big, how small, I just want my name somewhere on your map)

Okay, thanks! I’m creative when I have a starting idea. I can’t come up with an idea off the top of my head.

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