Showcase Link - How do you do it?

Hey guys, do you know how to create a showcase link like this one?
https://www. gimkit. com/creative/showcase/ %2Bip%2BgdooQrV1ZAjl3s4iLR0uaWLKyrQH1RGZv0kGEbRlpLZW%2BQ9RyQuIRRjd%2BFVyewewSnTMuf6yTgUF%2BQqeUfVcL7y0aZWw4%3D
Thank you! I need it for a school project.

go to the gear in the bottom right

find the publish and save option
hit publish
copy link

publish may have been renamed

ok it was

hit this:

But that only works for 7 days. That is a publish link, not a showcase link wait nvm

it’s the same

they just renamed it

the only way to get a permanent link is a hack blackhole made and you can’t do that [I tried. it’s so hard

Your map is ready to be showcased! Share this link with others, and they can play the map you’ve made!

This link expires 7 days from now.

After the link expires, you can always generate a new link.

what is the hack? @Blackhole made?

Thank you @Haiasi and @CassiusDoomlorde

I can’t explain it. You have to find it yourself. I think he was anoned or something
anyway, you realistically cant make a perma-link

@ABCD please don’t mark yourself as a solution when somelse marks it. It isn’t fair to the person who solved it


Technically, it isn’t solved.

The. Permalink might not work

you want a full explaination then

of course! The topic doesn’t have like a guide!

That’s because it would be off topic if so.
Even if it is technically in Gimkit Creative, it’s still off topic.

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Is links allowed on the forums?

I’d recommend just reposting the link every week. Because as ABCD said the permalink may not work

but i just gave example

I have the link to the code but don’t think I can share it without flags

go to the wix and I can

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I need it to work for about 3 years.