Should we have a guide/game of the month where everyone tries to make that specific thing and we as a community vote which guide/screenshot preview is the best?(like device of the week but with best maps

if there is a device of the week why not a game of the month? where you try and compete to get the best compiled screenshot show of your attempt (extra points for guides)and I will stockpile 20 (max poll choice amount) and the community will vote on next months game of the month…

and no saying it is off topic…if this is off topic than you have to flag every single device of the week post

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And also it would help users by seeing stockpiles of different guides on how to make stuff.

This is off-topic. The device of the week is too. And that would be showcasing. Go to the offical Gimkit Discord and enter the next Gim Jam or something.

look at that

is it really needed to repeat the same things about devices over and over?

and also, this is inherently off-topic because it is suggesting

go to for that

Also this would mean lots of users…Also this would mean lots of users are showing multiple ideas on how to make 1 map so that would be tremendous help to some people…and this means we will be working as community and having a little goal on what the community needs most isn’t that what this is for a collaborative helping website?

And also this is not a suggestion to gimkit it is to the forum as a whole…

and now I have my awsner the forum says no that’s all I wanted…

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