Should l delete my game?

I love my game and all, i worked hard on it since it was a battle royale (i needed to add lots of twists), but what bothers me is when i make a mistake on 1 COMPLICATED part, i have to restart the whole thing.
It takes like 3 hours to do it, and i’m not gonna spend another 3 hours making this and completing it at 10 PM. I have homework that’s unfinished.

What should i do with the game?

Should i delete it?
  • Yes
  • No
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No you spent precious time on it

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True, i worked on it for a month…
What i’m also afraid of is the homework i have right now. I’m always supposed to do it every day, but doing it in 10 PM or something, i won’t have enough energy.

Do you have to delete it to do your homework?

Not really…
But my m0m doesn’t really like it when i use Gimkit Creative. She says it’s a “distraction” to me when i’m trying to do my homework.

Just close out the tab.
Then do your homework.

Can’t help with it.
I Ctrl + Shift + T it.

why don’t you keep the map but work on it later so you can do your homework?

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The power of summer break to work on Gimkit?

Yeah, but just like my m0m said, it’s a distraction to me when i’m trying to do my homework.

And it’s true, when i’m trying to do my homework and keep my chromebook away, i just get it back again even without doing my homework.
I’m not allowed to use my chromebook at 10(30) and i can use it at 6 am.

If I spent a whole MONTH on a map, I wouldn’t delete it because it would have taken me a lot of effort. besides, if you delete your map, it would probably take WAY longer to finish it.

hey same here i have had 50+ assigments unfinshed last 6 weeks and this 6 weeks this 6 weeks is almost over and im still behind if you sink hours into a game just to throw it away its wasted, if you can’t finish or don’t want to do it anymore release it saying the game name with unfinshed in the title, but an alternitve is that you can hurry and finish your homework ask your m0m to play it afterwards i get a bed time of 10 pm (but i ingore it and sneak my 2ds because its the only electronic that dosen’t have a time limit) and if i catch up im pretty sure i can play video games again and have my internet not restricted (i will still be restricted by school but at least not at home as well) i say that you put it to the side for now take a break its sometheing we all need even if that means you leave it alone for a month it won’t vanish, it might get outdated but at least your won’t be wasted. :).


I’ll follow @Lostsea3’s advice. Thanks for the support!

Also, everyone, i’ll NOT delete my map since all of you said not to. Thanks for the support, also!


glad I could help I should not be here right now because its blocked at home. (I bypassed the restrictions) Its sad to see people in the same postion as me, and its true the games are a distraction. As I am addicted to them and taking them away will make me figure out every work around/glitch in the book to have them And as my dad puts it

“Think of your day as a glass jar, first you need to put in the big things like school/job, daily chores, and bodily needs like sleep, after that fill in the cracks with small things like hobbys, games, and hanging out with friends. If you fill your time up with games and other things theres no room for big things and your glass jar will shatter so put your big things first then fill you time with small things”

I was driven to this place because I do youtube to much 10,000 hours or more of watching during school and its a tiny part of the reason im behind main reason is I got wisdom teeth removed went back to school for two days went on a trip with my church someone came sick got our entier church sick and so then I lost two weeks of school in the middle of the last 6 weeks And this place is unblocked and also has basiclly broken my youtube addiction as I have been watching all day since 6th grade (thats basiclly three years) and I can say this place has helped because I can balance this with school unlike youtube. but it dosen’t address the fact that im still behind. INGORE MY YAPPING,

But you should find a balance is what im trying to say, if you can get homework done in school try and get as much done as possible or else you going to school and doing nothing to go home to then work on school is a waste of your day, if you can’t then say you get home at 3:00 pm and you grab a couple snacks sit down and work as hard and quick as you can, then after your done of doing the homework to the best of your ability. You can start playing until bed time but make sure you still do other things like chores and sleep. The only thing that I worry that can happen to you is that it the more you do what your doing the punishments will evolve, from my personal experince, it started with me losing electronics barley scraping by in classes, staying up a good amount of the night watching youtube/sneaking games, then it became me getting set bedtimes and the internet turing off at 10pm, which then became them blocking things on the internet time restrictons and supervison, and I know where the next worst thing is going to be as I have been warned, a computer that can only open required apps (google classroom and drive) a flip phone that can only call my parents and no more electronics. as I have more than once cracked codes of my time restict and bypassed my internet restictions as I am now, I have cracked my phone screen time password twice, the switch once, my ds pernamently because I changed the secrity pin because after thats its checkmate (unless they take it away) and I have also cracked my school internet blocking thing, but I did turn in the computer in and told them the bug, which got me a better computer. But back on the point I suggest you find balence and quick because things can go down hill fast, Im turning around now because Ive sought a balance and a goal to work towards and I would not like to see anyone else in the postion im in so do find a balance even if that means you have to put down everything you enjoy and fill your entire day with only work because as @THEHACKER120 said spring break and summer break is a great time to have freedom of 3 months before going back to school so you can pick up again its less than 90 days away. But when you finish the map let me know maybe ill have this website back leginamently. man I feel old now having to help someone, maybe I have actually gotten older.


Now that’s what you call an essay…

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Then mark that as the solution.

ya i did not expect to write my life out for like 30 mins i should get back to work ill save this in my drive if i ever need this again

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mark what as a soultion my writing speech?

I did mark a post…

Go check post 13.

I mean if you’re going to follow his advice, give him the solution.