Should I make these game?

I got two game ideas. They both sound cool, but i’m on the borderline for if I want to make them.

The first one is called “Catagory 5”, where you survive a natural disasters. “Catagory 5” is much more hard to make. (Higher chance of giving up)

The second one is not named yet. You hop up a huge tower with a lot of cool funtions. (Much lower chance of giving up) (I have a 79.96% chance to add randomly generated platforms.)

Sadly, it would be too much to make two games.

What game?
  • Catagory 5
  • Tower game using platforms.
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(Reset poll because I added details.)

Only vote one.

heh heh


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I’m making a tower game so I’m voting category 5

oh, is that so?

lemme just do this…

Hehe I’m making it a tie again

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Nooooooooo… It’s a tie…


Nice new PFP!

Ty battle cat until the 7th

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Could you tell me more about your tower game? I can’t tell much about what it is.

Is it a platformer? What are the cool functions?

Stuff like disapearing platforms. It’s a platformer.

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@here I edited it, look at it. (I’m resetting the votes.) (Don’t vote until you see the votes have reset.

I have to wait 5 minutes.

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So it’s basically DLD but better and with more functions. Sounds fun!

Natural disasters does, too. Hmmm…

The tower game has a

Wait, what?

I’ve waited 5 minutes.

Tho, tower games are more common… It should be your choice.

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But catagory (intentional misspelling?) 5 would be more unique and have more of a fun feel. And maybe add some real life facts if you do category 5 to be a more educational but still have fun?

AFTER, not before.

But I don’t know, and the tower game will have a lot of mechanics, and Catagory 5 will be hard because of the tornado animations and stuff. Plus, i’m using barriers for the tower game.

I’m sure you don’t need that right? like the tornadoes?