Should I make a guide on how to make this?


Should I make a guide on this?
  • Yes
  • No
  • IDK
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poll broken

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what is that? it looks like a bear

Is that a King Kong? (Yes I am back for good now finally)

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Its king kong, and i made it for legobuilder, but he is already making a guide on it. And yep @ThatGim

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You should. In fact, it would be very helpful.

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Too simple, imo. I can tell what to do with just this picture, but it’s up to you.

Wait, people make guides so they get likes? I thought the purpose of guides were to help people…

It is. I just saying, but I changed it…

Just noticed. Anyhow; ignore this post.

how? u voted it looks fine

Before he fixed it.

oh alr ill delete both comments

U are kind of being off topic…

IT was me so keep it

I like helping people even if it is off-topic
People shouldn’t be like Oh tHaTs OfF tOpIC lEt’S FlAg It or tHiS iS nOt AlloWeD
They need to understand the situation and even if it is off topic still help.

This wouldn’t be very hard for someone to figure out how to make something like this so a guide like this is unneeded

What is this? Also there is a terrain art guide out there already.


I don’t think there should be an IDK option…