Should I make a guide about this?

I found a way to make a sprint mechanic that is memory efficient and it uses a counter, repeater, 2 speed boosters, and a game overlay. Do you think I should make a guide on it?


I just was worried about duplication, but I don’t think anyone has used a counter before.

Maybe search it up, and if nothing pops up, just make one

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I think you should if no one has made any on it

@Godspawnking u got ur solution? : D

There has been guides on a sprint mechanic, but I don’t think anybody used a counter. Not to mention mine would be more memory efficient. I was just worried about duplication.

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If you want to be even more memory efficient, use a triggerloop instead of a repeater!

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How do you make a trigger loop? :sweat_smile:

triggering thing → trigger (trigger)
trigger (triggered) → other trigger (trigger)
other trigger (triggered) → og trigger (trigger)
og trigger (triggered) → increment counter i think

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I think I’ll stick to the repeater. Another feature of this sprint mechanic is it’s simplicity.

You wire a trigger to another trigger, then wire the second trigger back to the first. It’s actually better than a repeater in literally every way possible.

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