Should I make a fallout game next

What do you think should I or should I not

I think that would be cool, I don’t know if there is one yet

yeah, that would be cool. you could use like barriers that deactivate and than activate a zone or something? I’m not much of a coder guy

YES!!! I love fallout so much I would love a gimkit version!

Fallout Game?
  • Yes
  • No
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@Taytay123 Make something like this:


"In the early days, we would all gather around the well to make wishes.

When the days shifted and time passed, the well became lonely.

Thousands of years later, time is nonexistent and reality is no more.

But one well still stands in the middle of the wastelands.

To be lonely is a weakness now.

And weaknesses must be eliminated.

I know I have so many friends.


You live on the flip of a coin.

What a funny world. A coin decides your fate.

And look at that shady well. Completely alone. I can tell it has no visitors.

Come on over!

Toss it into the well.

Let’s see what happens.

It better not be a weakness.

Weakness is for the past.

General Description:

Explore the endless void of the lost civilization, decimated by a virus. Collect mysterious coins, and fight mysterious enemies. Discover strange anomalies under ground.

Make sure to pay attention to the well in the center though. The well is everything. The well is void.

Discover the infinite world of the infinite empty space.

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I made one, but sure you can take that idea!

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thats a cool idea bro

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But be careful, for the world is not as empty as it seems. Strange entities lurk in the shadows, waiting for their chance to strike.

As you search for answers and collect coins, the well remains a constant presence. Some say it holds the key to the virus that destroyed the civilization, while others believe it has the power to grant wishes.

But as you delve deeper into the world, you realize that the true power of the well lies in its ability to manipulate reality itself. It is a gateway to another dimension, a place of infinite possibilities and impossible realities.

Will you take the risk and toss a coin into the well, potentially altering the fabric of the world itself? Or will you take a safer path, avoiding the well entirely and sticking to the known dangers of the wastelands?

The choice is yours, adventurer. But remember, every action has a consequence in this strange and unpredictable world.


Wow, you guys are good at this stuff. Really good!


bro’s writing a mystery novel

Oh…. Ok ): sorry I didn’t know

make a fallout world

that sounds like the backrooms