Should I add NPC's you can talk to in my dungeon crawler?

If I did, there would be less space to add updates to my game. You guys recently participated in a vote for what game I should make, even though I already had it half made. It’s not finished, I just wanted to know if you want more updates, or NPC’s. If I add NPC’s, I plan to make them able to have a conversation with you, and the player will be able to make choices in what they say, if that’s even possible. Let me now what you want.

  • Add NPC’s that you can talk to.
  • Leave the space for more updates.
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Interactions make the game much more interesting. so yes

you could just make a dungeon crawler to where you kill every NPC you see
and if you wanted to do it you’d use a popup with call to actions if you didn’t know that already

I’ve decided that there will be NPC’s in Epic Brawl Royale instead of my dungeon crawler.

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