Shop ldeas Needed

I need help with some shop ideas. But, it’s a shop to get ITEMS, not upgrades. So i need some shop items - but they can’t be:

  • Weapons
  • Ammo

Make the shop sell you bait to fish (if there is a fishing system)

There’s no fishing system.


What about something like a cafe?

what about food to consume?

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Maybe have it sell you a blueberry that regenerates health

Thanks for 4 ideas:

  • Shield Cans
  • Med Packs
  • Plastic Bottle
  • Energy Bar

so food to give you health yea thats a good idea @Cellofive

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Keys that let you unlock dangerous “Gauntlets”, which are basically death runs.

I could add that into my game, but not in the shop.

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Gauntlets would be really dangerous, but could get you more loot the harder they are.

Probably a good idea!

make a change system
like i give you 5 dollars but you needed 2 so you give me 3 dollars in return

What would the plastic bottle do?

use cashiers (sentries)

If you drink it, you could regenerate health also, just like your blueberry system.

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it could be waterjn je

Already added.

It’s confusing for me, so i don’t think i’ll add that.

Basically, make two properties: Money given, money back
Set money given to how much money they have
Set money back to how much the item costs
Make the amount you give back the difference of those two properties
(Item granter)
And when they are done purchasing something, set both properties to 0
(You need a system to track how much cash they have)

Extra notes

This is for the change system
@FersionSpeedy (making sure you see this)

Alright, i’ll add that!

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