Shadow not Shadowing?

I have a picture of a tree on a wall, what is wrong with it?
If you said the shadow is behind the wall, you’re right! (I haven’t seen this bug reported yet so I decided to post about it, its not a big deal but it can be annoying)

ummm maybe change it to be to the object beneath it, not the floor?

thats kinda how walls work, but yeah as lostsea said just change the shadow setting to underneath prop

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Either change the shadow settings to be “Below Prop” or remove the wall and replace it with floor. If unable to remove wall for understandable reasons, change the shadow settings.

cool bug. I haven’t seen that before.
(or just hadn’t payed attention lol.)

This has happen to me SO many times… I think it has to do with the fact that since its a wall, it will look funny. ( The title got me rofl :rofl: )