Set zone by team

I want to be able to enable/disable a zone just for a specific team like you can for a laser.

Lasers have the “laser scope” option so you can turn them on/off for certain players. Zones have no such option.

Is there a way to do this or is it something that would have to be implemented?


Maybe a property that will be incremented for a certain team and a checker for said property that will disable the zone for individual players?

You can’t disable zones for certain players/teams though, at least not in zone options

Use a wire on the checker to tell it to deactivate the zone when the check passes. If that doesn’t work for individual players, then elaborate on what the zone is for so I can see if I can find a workaround

You can assign a property that detects which team the player is on, make the zone send something to a checker and if that property = the # of the team you want it enabled for, the check passes and relays that onto whatever you want to do next

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I want to make it so only one team can fire their weapons in a zone…so I want to have the zone enabled for the other teams that disables their weapons. I set it up with relays like you would to have lasers off for a team but it applies it to everyone in the zone regardless of which team is triggering the zone on.

What about just using the zone to detect the team that isn’t allowed to fire their weapons in the zone, and then using an item manager or something to revoke their weapons until they go back to where the can legally fire their weapon?

I believe that would create an infinite ammo glitch

Only make them be granted their weapons where they are intended to be able to fire them then.

Or maybe use a relay that broadcasts to the team

you could just make it so the weapons are revoked when they arent supposed to have them, but when you give the weapons back, make it take all of their ammo away immediately?
but also this way they have to get new ammo each time it’s their “turn”, even if they had a lot before

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