Sentry won't load when I play

I added this sentry to my game, but it doesn’t spawn in when I start the game.

Probely just one of the new bugs we have.

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Dude is this what it looks like!?

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Go to the update page and I’ve been posting pictures there.

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Yes that’s why I added it. Josh said to add any new bugs as a post for him to address. @josh

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I’ll try it to make sure.

Edit: Mine’s is working

I have the high grouond.

You’re lucky. I keep trying it. Mine won’t work.

For fun, people can share links to their Platforming games in Padlets.

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Can you give me a link please?


I meant for the padlet, but I have to go soon. Unless your’e talking about Gimmie Awards Padlet. By the way the sentry still works for me.

The GimUN Padlet.



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