Sentry teleporting

Hello, I just joined for the sole purpose of asking this question. How do you make sentries teleport? I tried the guide here but it didn’t work for me. I have no idea what I did wrong. Help, please?

This is a guide about that.

Tried it. For some reason it didn’t work for me

Try looking over your mechanism. Also welcome to the forum, @anonymous12!

(and yet another one!)

Welcome to the forum! Try checking that you did it exactly as it was explained.

It also didn’t work for some reason and I followed everything in the guide

Wait, I figured it out, you just have to group the teleporters

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I’m kinda confused about this.

Are you talking about the guide that was linked? Is it not working for you?

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Yeah, I followed everything, and it’s just not working.

Make sure the teleporters are set as if they are supposed to teleport to each other via target groups. The guide didn’t seem to mention giving them target groups.

I did that as well, so I’m just confused.

The “teleport player to target” wire setting was a typing mistake. From my understanding the setting should be “teleport player here”


Oh. didn’t notice that.

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Make sure to mark a solution! As I said in the other comment, there was a typo in the guide and it should be fixed now.

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Welcome to the forum, and make sure to mark a solution!

(and another one)

i was wondering why it didn’t work when i did it, thanks!

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