Sentry Placement's Box is not even centered

(click on picture to see closely)

The sentry is supposed to be in the center of the placement box, not the bottom of it.

did you refresh?

I refreshed, even shut down my computer, also restarted it.

Still shows the same thing.

I think it should be your average glitch.

If it continues tomorrow, let us know.

don’t know how to fix it report at

Do you mean

Anyways, i can’t contact. School blocked Gmail.

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yeah it’s just Bugs is really supposed to be used on how to get around bugs
this is a harmless bug and we really don’t have a way around it besides refreshing

then use microsoft 365 outlook that is normally not blocked


same problem here but in the actual game it is fine

Yeah, this also affected them when I was using hotkeys to move the sentries as well. This might be an effect of the skin update.

This post was made before the sentry skin and the blastball update.

Yeah this happens to me I don’t know how to fix it

Hmm, thats weird. It’s night time for me now so you’re probably out of school so why don’t you just contact them now?

They might only have a school device

Yeah but think about it. If school blocks other emails from emailing them, they need a different email to make a forum account so why not just email them on that or like on their parent/guardian device?

it was still being developed before it was launched, so I would call it an effect. It shouldn’t be long before it gets patched.


when using your school email the school does not block you from making accounts only from sending and receiving emails

but to make the account you need to verify the email they send you.

Maybe a different district? I am under a load of restrictions.