Sentry Peaceful Bug

So I’m making a game but the sentry isn’t attacking. I set the sentrys on team 1 and its not attacking people on team 2. I’m activating them using buttons and vending machines so you can upgrade them but I’m wondering if thats causing its

Is there anything around them that is blocking the sentry from seeing you, like barriers?

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No, its only one of the sentrys

did you check to see if you made a mistake

More information is needed.

Yes, I just did and it didn’t change. I might just redo it

could you send a screenshot?

I’m using the captin jones sentry skin, its set to team 1 and is activated but buying from a vending machine. The sentry isn’t attacking anyone even the team 2

Can you explain this in more detail? I’m not sure what “set to team 1 and is activated but buying from a vending machine.” is. I think it may be hidden sentries, but I’m uncertain.

Screenshot 2024-05-15 1.30.34 PM

I set the sentrys so that they belonged to team 1 and i used wires so you buy them from a vending machine (The device)

I meant to say team 2

I think channels would be wiser, they take up less data and are less chaotic, but you may just want to restart your game, it may be one time off, or start over, you made have made a mistake.

K, thanks I think I’ll try that

are all of them peaceful? or just 1 or 2 of them? because 2 of them are stacked on top of each other, which might stop them from hitting you.

If it doesn’t work, ask again. You still have 3 Hours.

I just deleted them all and re did it, that seemed to work

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