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So I’m making a TF2 map. The map has 2 teams, red and blue. Everything was going just fine until I started work on the Engineer class. My plan for the Engineer class was for the Engineer to build sentries in specific places around the map. I got the whole system to work, but there was still one problem.

The sentries work while in the editor.

I don’t think the sentries shoot, (I haven’t tested it on someone who used to be in the other team but is now in the editor), But I have tested it in the other way, and they still think I am a friend.

Here are some pictures so you can get a better understanding of this.

This is what it is supposed to look like normally:

This is what it looks like when bugged:

I would like some help on how to fix this if possible.


The new sentry update has caused lots of bugs. I’m not aware of any fixes, but maybe try reloading or restarting your device as a last hope. Keep it open for the gimkit devs to see it.


Wait, are the names a part of the update or a bug?

I don’t really know to be honest… I haven’t messed around with sentries all that much.


I have now tested it; the sentry does not attack players that were once on the enemy team.

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School computer. Relatable.

There have been lots of Sentry glitches in the past few days.
Everyone has it. It is because of the big platformer DLD update. (I think)
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Don’t look down.

Wait there was a update? what was it?


Sentries are broken after an update to sentries. They will be fixed eventually.

The devs work in a separate area, away from the public gimkit, on new updates, so it is highly unlikely work on creative platformer has anything to do with the bug.

Feel free to copy paste that around if other people ask why sentries are broken.

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Okay, thanks.

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