Sentry not showing up

For some reason, I made a game, but the final boss stopped appearing and isn’t there at all. I checked by attacking where it should have been to see if there was a damage counter or if my ally sentries were dying, but it’s simply not there.

hmmm, that is an interesting problem, is it there when you are editing the map?
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First of all, how much memory do you have? If it’s a lo, or you trigger block code really fast, then your map can’t handle the sentry. However, that doesn’t really stick well with me as the problem. So can you get a screenshot of the final boss area? Make sure to block out the code or use snip and sketch.

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also sometimes when you place something
it doesnt appear in game
that is bc it probably glitched and isnt showing up
so u want to save ur progress now
and open the map up in a new tab
and close out the other one
if that doesnt work idk what to do

welcome to the forum! Maybe you added too many sentries?

I can’t take a screenshot, but I followed the advice, and it seems to be working now. Thanks!

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@Omegadusk whatever advice you followed. Could you mark that reply as a solution?
It clears things up and would help. Thanks!

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