Sentry Not Deactivating

So I’m making a map where you destroy an object and then a sentry behind the object activates, but the object keeps getting broken by the sentry. I tried deactivating the sentry and activating it when the object is destroyed, but the sentry still shoots before the player breaks the object. Please help!!

What you can do is put the sentry farther away, otherwise, idk tbh.

That’s weird, sentries aren’t supposed attack props.

They try to attack the player but hit the object instead

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They actually can attack props because they have “player usable” gadgets.

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No, that’s not supposed to happen. I have a sentry with groundbreaking plants around it and it doesn’t attack it. I think that it might be a glitch.

They can but they aren’t supposed to.

I am going to try a few theories with this problem, I’ll see if it is a glitch, bug, or a fault in code

It is either, sentrys collision is off, sentry does not allow gadget fire, or you are lagged, glitch, or to close to the sentry.

The last one doesn’t make sense. Mine doesn’t do that. Wait, the sentry can’ break the object if they aren’t activated. They only activate upon breaking an object.

@TotTinyTitan, what Prop are you using?

So if object is not broken, sentry will not activate.

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Once a prop is destroyed there is no way to get it back. I don’t think the sentry is attacking the prop on purpose they just aren’t programmed to do that. I think the prop is just in between the sentry and it’s target.

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It is but it does not normaly shoot taht, so its glitched. and props can not respawn unless you hide one and then unhide it.

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Set active on start game to no.

Sentries won’t damage props directly, but if they have another player or sentry, (on the opposite team of the sentry) it will shoot the prop to get to the target.
(Player or sentries)