Sentry not appearing when game starts

*sigh * newbies.

Please check the comments before you start making demands. I have already said when I am going to mark a solution

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Agreed and by the way I have emailed them about this before so um… good luck

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Thanks :slight_smile:

Please stop using shade soul, I’m trying to get my geo back.

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I was able to contact one of the people that is apart of Gimkit. :slight_smile:

"Hi Rusty,

Thanks for reaching out!

You’re correct and this is intentional.

Senteries are actually just players controlled by Gimkit. As such if they are set to be holding a device, but don’t have the slot to keep it, they break the game and simply don’t appear.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any other questions!

Pharlain from Gimkit

Why Pronouns Matter"

Thank you to Pharlain for addressing this issue!

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