Sentry not appearing when game starts

If I set the inventory option to zero, sentries will disappear once the game is started. I’ve tested this with both the robot sentry and the green evil plant sentry, however the result is the same. When I start the GIMKIT game, the sentry will immediately disappear, only being visible for a fraction of a second.

how many sentries are there can wut ur memory

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Yep, just set the inventory slots to over 0 and It won’t happen

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If the inventory slots is set to zero sentries won’t appear.

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uuuh, a normal gimkit game without sentries?

So this a documented bug?

yeah sentries won’t appear if you have no inventory slots

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Oh, ok.

(I’ll just keep this here so that josh knows there’s a bug.)


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Well then, lets hope josh sees them soon.

Am I allowed to ping Josh (or any of the mods?)

emailing the team is much more effective than keeping a topic open


A solution to the problem has not been solved.

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they don’t check the forum for bugs that often so emailing gimkit would get a much faster solution

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I’ll Email them and when they respond I will mark a solution. :slight_smile:

(Wait, what was the E-mail again?) I think

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I wouldn’t

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Make sure to mark a solution!