When in platforming, if a sentry is right above terrain or a prop, it falls through it, the fix is that you have to make it slightly above the terrain or prop so it falls onto the terrain or prop, but this gets annoying as I always forget, please fix this.
This is an automated report, replying won’t be necessary as there is already a solution, this is just to report to the moderators an annoying bug.


I know you said not to reply but I’d like to add something to this post. In a platformer map, if you put a teleporter on some terrain but you put it a bit too low (even though it looks like you’ll just fall onto the terrain), you’ll fall through the terrain. So this also applies to players.


Another thing I’d like to add, sentries can use teleporters in platforming when they fall down so could this be a little bit of sentry interaction left in platforming? (Also tested this in a top-down game, sentries can’t use teleporters, I also tested other sentry interaction methods like zones and props in platforming but they don’t work.)

The correct term would just be SI. BBSI stands for Bring Back Sentry Interactions. [1]

  1. Sorry GimSolver. ↩︎


Falling is a sentry interaction, and it was purposely added, it just has some bugs that I figured that I should report.

I meant useless replies trying to fix it, if you want to add on to the bug, that’s perfectly fine.

Sentries do actually interact with teleporters in platformer

The forums after I said this:

Would make a post about it, but it would get flagged due to how short it would be since I don’t have pics

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