Sentry-Based Detection

I tried to investigate using sentries as a detection system. My main idea was making a compass that points in the direction of the player. I can’t figure out how to actually detect the bullets, though. Sentries don’t damage props, and I can’t figure out how to disable sentry shooting without either the main sentry not being able to see the other sentries or them just firing at the main sentry and killing it.

What is Sentry-Based Detection?

Sentry-Based Detection detects the bullets of a sentry allowing for directional sensing and movement sensing. It could be used for many things, but here are my two main ideas:

  • Tracking Player Movement
  • Tracking Player Direction

If we can somehow figure out how to do this, I think it could be very helpful in making complex devices.

Method 1 - Damageable props

No Result

Sentries shoot the player, resulting in a prop blocking the bullet. Destruction is broadcasted.

  • Sentries cannot see the player through collision props
  • Non-collision props cannot be damaged by sentries
  • Props cannot respawn

Method 2 - Low-Health Sentries

No Result

Main Sentry shoots ring of 1HP Sentries. Death is broadcasted.

  • Sentries cannot kill same-team sentries
  • Sentries cannot have no weapon
  • Sentries will shoot the main sentry
  • Respawn time is extremely slow

(If you have any ideas, comment please)


Well… all I can think of is a zone around the area
No idea other than that though.
@WolfTechnology you got any ideas?

So like, sentry A and sentry B both fire, hit a prop that was activated from a coordinate system, and from that we could find the distance to the player?

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props can’t be interacted with by sentries

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What? You can’t destroy a prop with sentry fire? I saw this in a game yesterday though…


Well, you might need the prop to have collision, but sentries can’t see through collision props


Really? I’ll test this in a bit.


Sentries CAN damage props.

You have to make sure it aims at you, and then when it’s going to shoot, dodge it, making it go straight into the prop.


There are some flaws with that though:

  • The props have to be behind you
  • You have to dodge the bullet

What if I’m standing still? This thing can’t be super big.


Is there any way to make like a one way wall for Method 2?


Maybe. Would that be used to block the circle of sentries?

Yeah, you could use that to stop them from shooting at the main one.

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I found a one-way door, but that uses triggers to detect players walking over it, so it won’t work for sentries.

Yup there’s no guides on it. Time to research on Gimkit!


Actually, I don’t think it will work. The sentry won’t aim at the player and instead will target the player. Maybe Gimkit could add a feature where sentries can damage their own team (friendly-fire).

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I have seen in the gimkit discord that a device that shows player coordinates is almost finished. Also having even a 10 by 10 grid of sentries takes too much memory to be plausible.


Well really nothing will work…without


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there would definitely not be a 10x10 grid of sentries. I was thinking more of a 12 sentry ring or maybe even less. All you need to know is the direction of the player. I do think the player coordinate device will be good though. I have other ideas for gimkit, but I don’t think they actually read the nolt anymore.

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Maybe try to make it to that when you go to a certain area, you get a (specific) item and that runs a code to show your direction?? No idea

I know that’s not sentry based… but In that category, I’m fresh out of ideas. :sweat_smile: