Sentry Appearance

Is there a way to make a sentry not visible in game until a player closes a popup then the sentry appears, not attacking any of the players.

Also, I know how to make the sentry not attack the many players in the game by putting a barrier on top of it.

I am just asking how to make a sentry not visible in game until a popup is closed by any of the players.

Make it not active on game start
Popup closed → activate sentry

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set it as not active, then wire the popup to the sentry to make it appear when you click off

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Okay, let me check it.

Also, do you know where that feature to make it not active in game? I cannot seem to find it.

For the sentry thing.

check appearance when you click on the sentry I think? let me check.

go to all options then just scroll to the bottom.

Okay, I found it. Thanks @UnityHavoc !

Also @Cellofive helped me too!! Thanks both of you!!

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