Sentries won’t pop up in my game

So sentries I have in my game I have all of them set to spawned in on game start yes but they won’t popup in game I was wondering about it…

i’m assuming you started the game?

Yes I have why 20 character limit

okay so i uh dont know what to do here im sorry

Okay I understand why 20 character minimal

This exact same thing happened to me just wait for a while maybe 2 weeks and it should pop up again or at least that worked for me

Did you, at any point while making your game, copy and paste at least 2 sentries at a time?

You can put lowercase letters in <> for character limit

This glitch has also happened to me; when placed in a certain area the sentries would spawn but in some spots of land the sentries would just be invisible.


yeah i agree with them
please mark a solution!

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This has happened to me before some times the only way to fix it is to delete them and put in new sentry’s but other than that good luck
Email gimkit if nothing works

I think I know what’s happening. Sentries only spawn when a person has 1 item slot or more. To fix, do this: Settings —> Map Settings —> Items —> Item Slots —> 1.