Sentries raining from the sky

In the new top-down game, all the sentries I’ve put at the top have suddenly fallen from their positions I put them in. I can see them falling from the sky when I start.

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that’s normal objects and sentries have physics now bud its not really a bug

No I mean I put them on terrain in the sky, and then they fall past the ground I put in the sky.

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Like if you put a book on the second floor and it falls through.

that’s because sentries reginster as a entity, lace a barrier under them and make it invisable. they will look like they are floating.

um thats weird, i don’t have the ticket so i haven’t tested that and can’t test it. But based on my knowledge you should be able to check the terrain layer level and the collision of the entry make sure they are on.

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i can test this bug. (i need steps on wut to do tho)

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yeah thats what is good that some people have it.

even though if i had it i could help to not be useless on these post.

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ur not useless :sob:

on these post yes, and i will be on them for 3 more months.

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Awwwwwwwww, wolf… :sob:


its true and these post are starting to pop up quite a bit more, and there is so many possible guides that i can do that will be made by that time. But 3 months is not to too long i guess.

Oh wowie, another sentry bug. Looks like sentries enable nocllip and fall though solid objects if no players are in the render distance of the terrain or props the sentry is standing on.

i think the hitbox is refusing to register with the hitbox of the terrain.

There isn’t really any good way to prevent this, but for a temporary fix, add a zone around the sentry. When a player enters the zone, activate the sentry. When they leave, deactivate the sentry. If you want the game to be multiplayer, use a counter to detect how many players are in the zone.

no, there is a fix

Post it please, that would be helpful for most of us.

just move the hitbox a inch above the terrain. the sentry falls just a bit and it stands in the correct place :blush:

one second, ill post a gif