Sentries knocked out by other sentries don't trigger on knock out effects

If you have two sentries on opposite teams and one kills the other, with an on knock out wire leading away from the sentry that gets knocked out, the sentries death doesn’t trigger any on death effects, even when a player killing it in the same way does trigger the effect.

I think a Sentry KOing a Sentry doesn’t trigger it, correct me if I’m wrong.

Is this what you meant @DawnTides?:

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The issue for me is that if I have a set up where there’s a sentry whose death triggers a prop to appear, if the sentry’s death is caused by another sentry, the prop won’t appear, while if the sentry’s death is caused by a player, it will.

For example, in this setup,

after the sentry dies, the prop should be shown, and if a player kills the sentry, it works as intended. However, if the sentry’s death is caused by another sentry, the prop won’t appear.

Its not just props that this happens to, it seems like if a sentry dies to another sentry, it won’t send out any on death wire signals or channels.

I’ll try it and see if I can help.

Sorry, I don’t know what to do to help.

I am not sure if popup will show unless its a global popup, and its not showing because a player didn’t knock it out, so tenically the sentry has the popup on its screen, to fix that make the popup global.

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Do you just have a script that you copy-paste?

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As far as I know, sentry-sentry encounters don’t send a signal through wires and channels, but player-sentry encounters do, since they are more important.

yeah, i have a whole slideshow on forum-related stuff

This won’t work because of bbsi.

Yea this has happend to me too Its Anoying