Sentries Disappearing On Game Start (RESOLVED - Sentries don't spawn if the inventory slots is set to 0.)

EDIT: I discovered that sentries don’t spawn if you have the starting item slots set to 0. The inventory slots can be changed if you go to Options > Map Options > Items > Item Slots and set the item slots to >0

I am making a hide-and-seek game, and I need the sentries to tag out the players when they get spotted.

However, the sentries I place in edit mode disappear as soon as I start the game.

I have tested having the default sentry, OP sentries, and the default but changing the skin to ensure that it wasn’t a problem with the sentry settings, and I didn’t see any settings that might cause the sentries to be invisible.

The current sentry is a default, and I’ve checked on all of them to ensure that respawn is on and that they have more than 1 health.

My memory bar is at 11%, so I’m not using too much memory.

If it is helpful, I have seen the placed sentry load very briefly before disappearing at the start of the game.

Basically, what’s happening is that the sentries are placed with no reason not to function that I can find and then not spawning at the start of the game.

I am going to put the second screenshot in the replies because new users are not allowed to upload more than one image.

Here is what I see when I start the game.

Maybe they’re too close to the wall?

Just tried putting them in an open space (screenshot below, in case you see anything else wrong with placement), still not working.

Idk, maybe try remaking them and putting them somewhere else?

Yeah I’ve tried that.

I figured it out! I had accidentally set the number of inventory slots to 0.


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