Sentries Disappearing in Platforming

The title is pretty self-explanatory, but:

In editing mode, they’re here:

In-game, they’re not:

And no, refreshing, restarting, and shutting down doesn’t work. Neither does reconnecting the internet nor trying a different device. They aren’t falling through the terrain, either. In fact, they’re placed above it.


Hmmmm :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
yeh I’m confused even more than you.
This also happened to me. But then they appeared in specific places while avoiding some places.

Did you check to see if they were set to not be active on game start, sometimes it sets them to that when you place them. Also if there is multiple sentries in the same spot it likes to remove them if there is “too many”

no idea, my guess is it is the same solution as the senties disappearing in top-down mode too?

Yes, they’re active on game start. There’s only two sentries, and they’re pretty spaced apart. One on each ledge in the screenshots.

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Check your map settings and see if something like the hp bar is hidden or the inv slots being set to 0, otherwise i dont know

Are the inventory slots 0?

yes siree they are

Does that affect it?

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why would that effect it?

if there is not inv slots then sentries wont spawn

huh didn’t know that.

Sentries won’t spawn due to the inventory slots being 0.

Ah, ok.

Noted. I’ll go change that.

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