Sentries Disappear

Ok so as you read in the title my sentries disappear yes I know what your gonna say “There is too much sentries in the area” no I only have 4 sentries so every time I copy a sentry and place it down it’s not there I know you can just get another sentry and make it the same settings but that takes some time I just wanted to say though


oh this happened to me one time too!

its a simple answer, all you have to do is leave the creative map and j0in back in, tell me if this works!


Welp didn’t work for me

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did you leave the creative map, refresh and j0in back in?

yea I did

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im sorry to say but I think you really just have to make another sentry and put all the information in from the other ones

this happens to vending machines too for some reason

Yeah it just takes time but just wanted to let the developers know if they ever read this

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didn’t this happen to you already?

I also was trying to make sentries and same thing happened. But the strange thing is if I placed the sentries in a different area, it would be a 50% that it would appear…

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Every one flag for being advertisement. Or you can delete your post…

How do I delete?
trying to reach character minimum