Sentries can or can't

Is there any way, any way at all, that I could hide the blaster from the sentries?

Do I have to hide it behind an object? Or is there a setting for it.

Uhhh, If you want to deactivate it, place a barrier directly on top of it.

I want the blaster that he holds to not be there.

That is currently not possible, you could hide it somehow with a prop though

Thank you! For the time being I will make the baker have a P.M.L, or the k1d have a slingshot, and normal NPC’s have a wooden wand, being the smallest item and Simplest that doesn’t look like a blaster. BY THE WAY YOU CAN’T SAY K1D.

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You are welcome!
I’ll message the mods on removing “kid” from the word block.

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